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The Reconstruction Era

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Gnalens. The current Governor is elected.

Renkah Renkah's daughter Ronna begins to study martial arts from the nearby nomads.


Glavin the White. Glavin the White dies and Glavinkeep is renamed Caer Pled as a sign of submission to the Red Ward. The Northroad is established as Pled's western border.

*Hunnul. The airship Hunnul* is built by the Cloudbound Trading Company.

Renkah. Renkah settles in an abandoned catle in the Farsteppes, and names it after the mythical Castle Oru.


Bellybrush. The Bellybrush Review runs an expose demonstrating the Red Ward does not provide any services.


Caer Pled. Caer Pled and its farms are placed under the control of Governor Knurri Storzand.


Ack. A census places Ack's population at 220,000.

Bellybrush. The editors of the Bellybrush Review are hung for libel.

Red Ward. Bureaucrats from Ack’s Red Ward begin invoicing the gentry of other wards for miscellaneous services that were so abstract no one could prove they weren’t doing. The gentry, of course, passes these fines onto their subordinates as taxes. This goes on rather quickly, and soon, the entire city is paying taxes to the Red Ward, though, if pressed, one could not quite say why.

Renkah. Renkah gives birth to Ekunit, the first of her children born in Castle Oru.


Gnalens. Ander Falone replaces the previous Lt. Governor. Albert Wattsman, properietor of Wattsman's Medicinal, dies of natrual causes.

Bellybrush. Nell begins recovering items for Barnabus Trent.


Farsteppes. The last barony, House Ellon, in the Farsteppes collapses. Rumors spread of a Last Baron, hiding from his enemies.



Ack. A census places Ack's population at 245,000.

Gnalens. The abandoned Wattsman's Medicinal mostly collapses.

Chauntea. Her monastery in the Delta Green is occupied by four bandits: Krieg, Queg, Breg, and Greg. (Marker 22 on the Bellybrush County map.)

Farsteppes. The signet ring of House Ellon is sold to two merchants, Kindal's parents, in the Lazy Mare Tribe.

10th of Highsun

Gnalens. The Governor of Gnalens, which has become the largest city by far in the New World, travels from Gnalens to Ack to pay the city’s first invoice. He stays in the Red Ward, leaving control of Gnalens to the Lieutenant Governor, Ander Falone.


Farsteppes. The Red Ward expands into the area once controlled by the Farsteppes baronies.

12th of Rotting

Halfling Country. A group of farmers living in the Reyny canton recover the Fisher Staff from a halfling burrow. They send it to

22nd of Leaffall

Renkah. An accountant named Thomas from the Red Ward comes to Castle Oru with an invoice. Renkah takes Thomas hostage.

10th of Drawing

Gnalens. The Fisher Staff arrives at the Reyny Estate.


12th of Deepwinter

Gnalens. The Vagrant overhears Marcus Reyny bragging about the Fisher Staff.

14th of Deepwinter

Bellybrush. The Chandler's Guild buys the old Bellybrush Review press.


Gnalens. The Vagrant steals the Fisher Staff from the Reyny Estate in what becomes known as the Reyny Heist.

8th of Winter

Gnalens. Rumors of the Reyny Heist begin to spread.

9th of Winter

Gnalens. The Gnalens Gazette runs an article on the Reyny Heist.

10th of Winter

Gnalens. The Vagrant disassembles the Fisher Staff.

20th of Winter

Gnalens. The Vagrant fences most of the Fisher Staff.

22nd of Winter

Gnalens. The Vagrant's hideout is raided, but he gets away.

24th of Winter

Gnalens. The Vagrant fences the rest of the Fisher Staff, except one segment.

27th of Winter

Gnalens. The Vagrant begins casing the Governor's mansion.

5th of Sunsets

Brother Sun. Brother Sun returns to his monastery from an expedition with a mysterious putty.

6th of Sunsets

Brother Sun. Preliminary testing of the putty by Brother Sun and his monkmates identify several properties of the putty. It gets warm when pressure is applied, and if lit on fire, will burn for an exceedingly long period of time.

7th of Sunsets

Gnalens. The Vagrant is arrested on False charges. While detained, Ander Falone recruits him to travel to Ack to kill the Governor of Gnalens.

8th of Sunsets

Gnalens. At 10am, the Vagrant, as Wayne Helder, swindles a launder in west Gnalens.

At 11am, the Vagrant visits Old Mother Agnes, and at her request, joins Henry Camden to retrieve a wagon stuck in a ditch.

At noon, unusually large ravens attack Camden and the Vagrant.

At 6pm, the Vagrant awakes in Old Mother Agnes' living room and is informed Camden was not a human and is dead. He is offered three yes/no answers to his questions. He learns that Mother Agnes is not punishment for him swindling the launder, that magic exists in the New World, and the Governor of Gnalens deserves to die.

At 11pm, the Vagrant breaks into the Governor's Mansion in Gnalens. He confronts Ander Falone, and is detained and escorted to the police station.

9th of Sunsets

Gnalens. At midnight, Lt. Gov. Ander Falone meets with the Vagrant at the police station. Ander Falone explains what he expects the Vagrant to do. The Vagrant is released returns to his squat in west Gnalens.

9th of Storms

*One Route.* Ilea, Brother Sun, and the Vagrant (as and hereafter Wayne Helder) board the One Route in Gnalens, bound for Ack.

12th of Storms

Bellybrush. Nubbles recovers the Big Book of Mishaps & Misfortunes and sells it to Barnabus Trent.


14th of Storms

Bellybrush. Barnabus Trent detects magic on the Big Book of Mishaps & Misfortunes and, knowing this decides not to read the book, storing it in his vault.

Ack. The Red Ward scriveners spying on Barnabus Trent in Bellybrush learn he has a book he has not read for them.

19th of Melting

*One Route.* Wayne Helder steals the mysterious putty from Brother Sun's cabin. His experimentation reveals that if a sedative poison is applied, the putty creates a poisonous cloud.

24th of Melting

Farsteppes. Kindal leaves his tribe with a large shipment of furs, leather, and horn, with plans to take it from Helmet's Dent to Ack aboard the Hunnul. He also possesses the signet ring of House Ellon, though he does not know what it is.

3rd of Flowers

Helmet's Dent. A man named Nash Celson asks Renkah, Freke, and Jenos to kill bandits in his family home, on promise of great gold if he gets it. (This is a hook for the Celson Estate Adventure.)

On the way there, they fight a boar, just barely winning. Jenos accidentally shoots Renkah in the leg.

6th of Flowers

Bellybrush. Nubbles the thief sells the Big Book of Mishaps & Misfortune to Barnabus Trent. Trent notices the book is magical, and puts it in his vault before reading it.

8th of Flowers

Bellybrush. The Chandler's Guild realizes Barnabus Trent has not read a book he acquired, and use imps to try and find it in Ye Olde Curio Shop. Trent begins to notice things missing or moved in his shop.