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Apparel & Accessories

Awareness Frames

A pair of thick-framed glasses that grant the wearer +2 to Perception and Investigation checks.

Arcane Trickster's Glove

a spellcaster who can use the spell Mage Hand to turn the conjured hand invisible. It also allows the conjured hand to perform stealthy actions, such as pickpocketing, sleight of hand, or other acts of remote legerdemain. For these checks, the caster uses their Arcana score.

Champion's Belt

This ornate belt is given to someone who has bested all oppponents in a test of strength. Once per day, the wearer may substitute their Strength score for their Wisdom or Charisma score when making a skill check.

Cloak of the Manta Ray

A slick, black leather cloak that grants the wearer a +1 to AC. When the wearer in submerged in water, it grants the wearer +2 AC instead, grants water breathing, and allows 60ft of underwater movement speed.

Dancing Slippers

Grants advantage on all Performance checks involving dancing, Acrobatics checks, and Dexterity saving throws.

Once attuned, the wearer suffers the effects of Otto's irresitible dance. In addition, for every minute the wearer dances, they gain one level of exhaustion. They are not aware they are becoming exhausted.

The wearer can remove the slippers if they succeed at a DC25 wisdom saving throw.

Defender's Dial

A belt with a dial in the middle containing three images: a flame, an ice cube, and a lightning bolt. Once a day, the belt will grant the wearer resistance against a certain type for 5 minutes depending on what it is set to: A flame: fire resistance An ice cube: frost resistance Lightning bolt: lightning resistance

Fancy Fur Coat

The Fancy Fur Coat, like all fur coats, was once a living creature. This particular creature could not part with its skin, and on the anniversary of its death, returns to life to attack the wearer and anyone else in the area for the next hour, unless banished. Destroying the Fancy Fur Coat will break the curse.

Featherweight Cuirass

A piece of torso armor covered in dark gray feathers. It contains the same AC as the owner's current armor, but grants the wearer +3 to Acrobatic checks.

Fletcher's Mitt

A green-clothed glove that allows the user to avoid or catch a projectile. It gives the wearer a +1 AC against all ranged non-magical attacks. If the wearer completely avoids the attack, the user catches the projectile.

Glasses of Lightning Comprehension

These glasses allow the wearer to read and comprehend any text that is an a language the user knows 10 times faster.

Location Worn by Trent Barnabus.

Haunted Doll

A very creepy looking doll. When the owner of this doll fails a third death saving throw, the doll will die in place of its owner.

Lens of Straight Creeping

A monocle that allows the user to once a day see the footprints of a specific person or creature that has been within the area.

Monkey Belt

This belt is made of silver monkeys, each holding the next one's tail. The belt gives you advantage on Athletics checks. As an action, the belt can enable the wearer to grow a prehensile tail, which lasts for an hour. This cannot be used again until after a long rest.

Phantom Fist

A guantlet that grants the user +1 to unarmed attack rolls. When successful, the target must succeed a DC 15 Dexterity saving throw or be knocked back 2d4 feet.

Plastic Sheriff's Badge

Adds +3 to deception skill checks when impersonating a person of authority.

Slippies of Haste

Footwear that resemble house slippers with small aesthetic wings attached on the heel. These slippers give the wearer Advantage on initiative rolls.

Trendy Choker

This necklace gives the wearer the benefits of a necklace of adaptation. However, once attuned, it slowly chokes the wearer. They must pass a DC25 Strength check or be choked to death.


Diadem of Fabulous Truthiness

Once per day, the wearer can use this simple circlet to cast a version of the spell Zone of Truth. This will not cost the wearer a spell slot and will only target one creature as opposed to a radius.

The Physician's Pendant

A pendant with a small red cross imbued on it. After casting a spell that restores a creatures hit points, the wearer rolls a d20. On a 16 or higher roll, the spell does not cost the user a spell slot.

Strongmaus' Laughing Amulet

Traditionally worn by a high priest of the boisterous and jovial, smiling God. The amulet carries the image of a stylized human face, mouth open in laughter. Whenever a foe is defeated, the wearer may activate the amulet by tapping it twice and then delivering the best taunting joke or victorious one-liner applicable to the current situation. If the jest pleases Stronmaus (DM), he rewards the adventurer by recharging up to 1d10+Con hp. But Stronmaus is a fickle god; jokes that fail are punished with a small bolt of lightning, dealing 1d6 lightning damage per failure.


Band of Projected Thought

A small, circular bracelet. The wearer can communicate telepathically with any creature they can see within 30ft of them.

Copper Bracelets

These matching copper bracelets cast haste on the wearer for the first minute after they're put on. This ability must be used one a day.

After the bracelet's haste ability has been used, they age the wearer one year.

Tarantula's Bracelet

Once per day, this bracelet allows the the wearer to perform the spell Spider Climb on themselves for 10 minutes, allowing for Advantage on Stealth checks when climbing.


True Heart Clasp

A small clasp that can be fastened onto the user's ear, allowing the user to know someone's true intentions. This gives the wearer Advantage and +2 on all Insight checks.


Alchemist Ring

When the wearer of this ring imbibes a healing potion, they recieve an additional 1d6 hit points.

Ring of Frost

A blue steel ring that is cool to the touch. When the wearer is holding any beverage in the same hand as the one with the ring, the beverage becomes frosty and refreshing. The ring also grants the user resistance against Frost damage... though its main purpose is for frosty beverages.

Ring of the Giant Slayer

A plain copper ring that grants the wearer a +1 AC and +1 to attack rolls against any enemy in the "large" or bigger size category.

Ring of the Grammarian

The wearer of this ring can, once a day, alter one letter on a spell's title to alter the spell being cast for a different effect:

Example: - Cause Fear becomes Cause Bear.

The effect of these altered spells are deteremined by the DM, but with the caster's intentions taken into account.

Ring of Pointing

A copper ring with an inlad ruby that can project a small visible dot onto any surface. [It is essentially a laser pointer].

Ring of Recall

A small ring that allows the spellcaster wearing it to regain a spell slot after having failed in casting a spell.