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The Collapse

0pc to 15pc


1st of Deepwinter

The Collapse. In an event later dubbed the Collapse, magic left the world. Conveniently for historians, it occured at exactly midnight on the 1st of Deepwinter.

Central Plains. Without magical artifacts, the stalemate between kingdoms breaks.

Unseen Sea. The wizard kings of the Unseen Sea, without magic, find their geography inhospitable, and quickly turn to war.

Wide Woods. The goblins and spiders and other creatures which infected these woods disappear.

Elflands. The elves become feral, and roam the woods in packs like wolves.

Halfling Country. Halflings became really stupid.

Worldkeepers. The dwarven cities in the Worldkeeper mountain range shut their doors.

Lorrestar & Jelf. In an estate in the then-prosperous Ackian Delta, a wizard librarian named Lorrestar and his apprentice took refuge in a pocket universe built within their estate. The estate gains a reputation for killing adventurers who enter.


Ack. A census places Ack's population at 120,000.


Halfling Country. 80% of the halflings have been killed by now-feral elves.


The Delvers. Rickle Axager publishes the third edition of the Pocket Guide to Adventurers.


Ack. A census places Ack's population at 70,000.

New Rolense. Elves kill humans in the settlements outside New Rolense.


Indenon v. Astar. The Kingdom of Astar is attacked by the Kingdom of Indenon.


Ack. A census places Ack's population at 90,000.


Unseen Sea. The last of the wizard kings dies.

Halfling Country. Astar claims ownership of the Halfling Country.

Chauntea. Her monastery in the Delta Green has their charter cancelled by Sherwyn, the local kingdom. (Marker 22 on the Bellybrush County map.)