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Ye Olde Curio Shop

Ye Olde Curio Shop

A map of Ye Olde Curio Shop

Run by Barnabus Trent, Ye Olde Curio Shop is the premiere thrift shop in souther Bellybrush. In fact, it is the only thrift shop in Bellybrush. The proprietor, illiterate, is a member of a secret organization which collects and destroys once-magical artifacts. The thrift shop is a front for this.

He lives here alone, with his cat Tolbin. He works with Nells, the orphan, and Nubbles, the thief.

1 - Store

The main area of the store. Shelves run perpendicular to the facade, and are cluttered with a medley of items. The store is under-lit, and smells like stale tobacco and old books, with faint whiffs of mildew.

2 - Front Counter

Trent is usually standing behind this during business hours. There's a comfortable looking cushioned stool behind the counter. Under the counter are jeweler's tools, tinker's tools, and a small iron lockbox (DC15 with thieves' tools), containing 345cp, 387sp, 159gp, and 4 pieces of jade worth 50gp each.

3 - Mannequin

A mannequin wearing full plate armor stands at the base of the stairs here. It is also holding onto a longsword.

4 - Stairs #1

These stairs go from the center of the store to the balcony, where even more inventory is stored.

5 - Chandelier

A heavy iron chandelier hangs above the base of the stairs. If it were to fall on someone, it would do 4d6 bludgeoning damage. If a creature were on the chandelier when it fell, they would take 2d6 falling damage.

6 - Rug

A blue rug is crumbled in a heap by the front desk.

7 - Hanging Alligator

An alligator hangs down from the ceiling. Barnabus claims it belonged to his grandmother, who anachronistically died before the New World was discovered.

8 - Grandfather Clock

A functional grandfather clock with an impressive toll sits tucked in the corner.

9 - Weapons Rack

Holds a pair of cestus, a club, a light crossbow, a cutlass, two daggers, a flamberge, a javelin, a mace, a morningstar, three longswords, two scimitars, a shortsword, and a spear.

10 - Ceramic Blue Dragon

A ceramic blue dragon guards the stairs leading to the balcony. It sits on a wooden cart, making it easy to move around the store.

11 - Kitchen

Where Trent relaxes and eats. There is a round wooden table covered with trinkets, and old issues of the Bellybrush Ledger. The top issue says "Bellybrush Ledger to Close, Guilty of Libel".

12 - Office

Strapped under the desk here is a dwarven-made handcrossbow and 10 bolts. (DC10 Perception to discover.) One desk drawer contains a tin lockbox (DC10 with thieves' tools or DC15 strength to unlock) containing 874sp, 376gp, and a silver Tymoran holy symbol.

13 - Closet

Under the boxes of books, there is a loose section of floor. Under the floorboards is a locked iron chest (DC12 with thieves' tools to unlock) which contains a fancy silver dagger, a flask of holy water, five potions of healing, and three vials of antitoxin.

14 - Workshop

Usually locked, this is where Trent disassembles the magical items that come into his store. A bookcase can be used as a trigger to reveal a second hidden shelf, which a DC12 Arcana check shows to be full of books thought lost to the ages, or burnt by the Red Ward. One of these books is A Series of Unfortunate Spells.

A loose board under the desk is revealed by a DC12 Perception check. The cubby under the board holds four vials of holy water, a lathanderite holy symbol, a leather pouch with 10 silvered crossbow bolts, a leather pouch with a handful of powdered silver, and a canvas bag filled with wolf's bane.

15 - Stairs #2

Stone steps lead to the basement.

16 - Stairs #3

Wood steps which bow and creak underfoot lead to the 2nd floor.

17 - Bedroom

Contains Kaile Kuval (a +1 short sword), a heavy crossbow with 20 bolts, a matching pair of silvered daggers, and a heavily dented round shield. Under Trent's bed is a locked iron chest, under wool blankets. The chest has a DC18 lock, with a poison needle trap to deter theft. Inside is a battered canvas pack with standard adventurer gear, a hickory walking cane with a silvered head (worth 75gp), a pouch of powdered silver and three sticks of chalk, four potions of healing, two vials of antitoxin, a leather pouch with 287sp and 175gp, a quiver with six +1 arrows, and a spell scroll for protection versus undead.

18 - Vault

Contains the Dancing Slippers, Copper Bracelets, Book of Mishaps and Misfortune, Trendy Choker.

19 - Balcony

20 - Junk Room

21 - Larder

22 - Wellroom

23 - Well

24 - Sewer Access


half a wheel of cheese, wrapped in wax.
a wooden writing set
stuffed doll
battered mandolin
jug of sweet perfume
cast iron skillet
folio of maps
purple & gold ceremonial robes
framed painting of a ziggurat in a jungle
herb pouch
jade statuette
jewelery box
green vase
oversized drinking horn
butterfly display case
wooden model of a dragon
flask of brandy, sealed
marble paperweight
troll skull
bottle of wine, sealed
expensive tophat
funeral urn, with ashes
black and red candles in copper holders
mounted bass fish
framed portrait of dwarven sea captain
spice rack
half-dead fern
brass safety goggles
dragon head paperweight
gold necklace with fake rubies
brass mechanical mantelpiece clock
iron shackles
locking blank book
dwarven bagpipes
Caliban's Guide to Sinister Relics
A treatise on Accursed Objects
two griffon bookends
oak walking staff with silver head
large steel helmet