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Bellybrush Review

A defunct newspaper that ran from 34pc until 78pc. The final front page headline was, "Bellybrush Review Staff Set to be Executed for Sedition & Libel."

Big Book of Mishaps & Misfortunes

The pages of this weather-beaten, bloodstained book contain lists of names, most of which have been crossed off. Once you become attuned, you may write the name of an individual whom you now. For the next 24h, that victim suffers disadvantage on all Dexterity saving throws. For the 24h after that, the victim suffers disadvantage on all Constitution saving throws. For the next 24h, the victim suffers disadvantage on all Wisdom saving throws.

After a victim has suffered three days of the curse (or has perished), the book crosses off the name. Until the previous name has been crossed off, no new text may be written in the book.

If a victim does not die after being affected by the book, they become aware that the book's owner is responsible for their bad luck.

Book of Wish

This book contains the wish spell.


This book ended up in the possession of the Chandler's Guild in 43pc. It was burnt during the Ack Fire of 80pc.

The Delvers

A podcast existing on Earth in another dimension, set on Teraum in this dimension.


Caliban's Guide to Sinister Relics

Gives advantage on arcana checks involving cursed items.

The Canonical *Brave Old World

This book. If someone gets ahold of this, something has gone terribly, terribly wrong.

Cooking with Taako

The complete Cooking with Taako on VHS.


Unknown to Taako, his stagehand Sa'zed magically recorded all of his performances and released them as bootleg flip-books after the show's cancellation in DR1485. One copy was ordered by someone in the small community of Refgue. The tapes were placed inside a bag of holding to be shipped. Due to a shipping error, that bag was nested inside another bag of holding and both shifted planes. The inner bag and its contents spent some time in the Arcadia plane, where the flip-books were magically remastered & dubbed to VHS. An incident involving a hole thrower resulted in the VHS series ending up in the Brave Old World around 12bc.


On a shelf within Lorrestar's library, can only be found with a critically failed Investigation check.

Extreme Teen Bible

A +1 Chauntean holy symbol that contains a cover featuring a rad skateboarder with a stalk of wheat hanging out of his mouth. Gives the user advantage on Religion checks involving Chautea.


Printed in 13pc to try to win over the disenchanted youth. All known copies were burnt in 17pc.

Rickle Axager's Pocket Guide to Adventuring

For all editions, once per day, the ownder of this guide may read a section associated with a particular skill to gain Advantage on all rolls relating to that skill for the next 24 hours. For the second edition, the owner may also read the passage out loud to grant one additional party member the same benefit. For the first edition, reading the passage out loud benefits all players.


First edition published in 16pc. Second edition published in 2bc. Third and final edition published in


There are about 30 copies of the first edition, 90 copies of the second edition, and 350 copies of the third edition. They are scattered around the world.

A Series of Unfortunate Spells

A collection of spells assembled and published by Lorrestar. It contains a few of the more mischievious spells he collected. It contains beginner's mind, capricious defense, displaced magic, flawed crafting, fumble, jinx, misfire, misstep, twisted words.


Published in 182bc. 20 copies are produced and kept at Lorrestar's Estate. In 16bc, Lorrestar transfered the books to the


There are 12 copies of this book, scattered around the world, concentrated around the Central Plains and Green Delta. One is in Barnabus Trent's workshop, under a pile of newspaper.

A Treatise on Accursed Objects

Gives advantage on arcana checks involving cursed items.

Wards of Ack

Gives advantage on History checks about the wards of Ack, reducing travel time through the city, so on.