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The Lull

16pc to 59pc


New World. Astar grants its colonists on the New World the legal right to kill elves.

Ack. Rickle Axager dies.


Astar. The Astar relocate their capital from Whitekeep to Ack.

Bonnet. The Bonnet family receives a charter from the Astar for the Southwoods, in Halfling Country.

Chauntea. Her order is outlawed and her holy books burnt.



Chauntea. Her monks living in her monastery in the Delta Green are murdered. (Marker 22 on the Bellybrush County map.)

New Rolense. New Rolense declares independence from the Astar. The city changes its name to Gnalenns.

Wide Woods. Barnabus Trent is born, supposedly to wolves.


Ack. A census places Ack's population at 120,000.

Bellybrush. The Chandler's Guild invents the wax clock.

Gnalens. Gnalens elects their first governor.


Gnalens. Gnalens charters a constitution.


New World. Gnalens charters communities across Halfling Country.


Barnabus Trent. Barnabus Trent is kidnapped and pressganged.


Ack. The first Merchant King takes control of the Red Ward.

Bellybrush. The first issue of the Bellybrush Review, a newspaper, is printed.


Barnabus Trent. Barnabus Trent frees himself from slavery and becomes an adventurer.


New World. The Reyny family receives a charter for farmland in the northern Halfling Country.


Ack. The Red Ward and Astar go to war. The Astar Ward is burnt down and rebuilt on a loan from the Merchant Kings.


The Delvers. Barnabus Trent joins the Delvers.


Jenos. Jenos is born in the Green Delta, northeast of Ack.

New World. Astar charters segments of the Elflands.

3rd of Highsun

Renkah. Renkah is born to a nomadic tribe in the Unseen Sea.


Glavin the White. Glavin the White reaches the area that Pled is situated on with a small band of travelers. The region, its own ruling class collapsed by war, was the frequent target of raiders from Arathel to the west, seeking to sustain their war against the Ackian Merchant Kings.


Ack. The Merchant Kings place a bounty on the Delvers.

Glavin the White. In an effort to protect the villagers from raiders from Arathel, Glavin the White named himself King Glavin and formed a fiefdom of the villages around Lake Pled.


Glavinkeep. King Glavin the White builds Glavinkeep (now Caer Pled) on the edge of Lake Pled.


Barnabus Trent. Barnabus Trent leaves hiding and accepts a pardon in exchange for taking on Bartley's curse.


Ack. A census places Ack's population at 210,000.


Barnabus Trent. Barnabus Trent stablishes Ye Olde Curio Shop in Bellybrush. Secretly, he is still securing and dismantling magical objects on behalf of the defunct Delvers, and reading books for the Red Ward.


14th of Flowers

Bonnet. Stede Bonnet is born at the Bonnet Estate in Gnalens.


16th of Storms

Farsteppes. Kindal is born into the Lazy Mare Tribe.