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The Great Wars

60pc to 72pc


Great War. The Great War begins.


Farsteppes. A boy, named Freke, is born.


Renkah. Renkah gives birth to Kolpe, her first son.

Bonnet. Stede Bonnet becomes familiar with the rooftops of Gnalens, serving as a courier for his family. Stede enjoys racing Stanley, the middle-aged courier who prefers sidewalks and carriages.


Bonnet. The last Bonnet mill in the Southwoods closes.



Invention. Steam engine invented in Ack.

Ack. A census places Ack's population at 150,000.

Bonnet. Stanley, the last of the household staff, resigns.

Glavin the White. This is the historically agreed upon peak of King Glavin the White's empire. He controlled from Lake Pled to the Optic Ocean.

Renkah. Renkah gives birth to triplets: Ronna, Donna, and Tonna, all girls.


Bonnet. Jaquese and Letrise Bonnet die.

King Glavin the White. King Glavin the White's best knights vanish on a patrol to north of Ack.

Lorrestar & Jelf. Jelf kills Lorrestar, who was becoming a nothic, and assumes Lorrestar's identity.

Jenos Anadini. Leaves the Second Battle for Enrich's Mill. Presumed missing or dead by his family.


King Glavin the White. The Merchant Kings attack King Glavin the White's troops in southern Araleth.

Cloudbound Trading Company. In Ack's Copper Ward, a startup is founded. They use popcorn to shield packages which they shoot via pneumatic tube from Ward to Ward.

Renkah. Renkah gives birth to Rual, a boy.


Bonnet. The Bonnet Estate is condemned by the Governor.

Renkah. Renkah begins to travel over the Worldkeepers, the vast mountains bounding the eastern edge of the world.


Invention. Someone has invented zeppelins, and commercial airships help transport vital goods across the long distances previously bridged by magic. Travel time between the Old and New World falls to about 8 weeks. And a de facto global capital begins to form. The hub of the industrial revolution on the Old World’s western coast, an overgrown fishing port grew too fast to even be properly named. Everyone calls it Ack, after the sound you make when you hit the wall of pollution which encloses the city’s maze of wards.

Bellybrush. Nell the orphan is found on the steps of Mother Jatha's Orphanage. (Marker 26 on the Bellybrush map.)

Renkah. Renkah's husband dies while traversing the Worldkeepers.


Ack. A census places Ack's population at 190,000.

Glavin the White. Glavin the White surrenders his title in exchange for peace with the Ackian Merchant Kings.