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Weapons & Tools

Weapons & Tools

All-or-Nothing Coin

Once a day, the owner of the coin can substitute a regular 2-sided coin flip in place of a d20 roll. If the coin lands on heads, it is considered a Critical Hit. If the coin lands on tails, it is considered a Critical Fail.

Anti-Gravtiy Sphere

A small, fist-sized glass ball filled with a silvery smoke. When the sphere is destroyed, it diables the effect of gravity on everything within a 30ft radius.

Astral Shell

A conch shell that allows the user to interrogate the souls of the recently deceased. [Not much more info is given].

Attractive Sword

Each time the user successfully hits a target with this sword, they become slightly more magnetic.

Bellowing Bellows

Each time the bellows are pumped, a non-aggressive ghost which is constantly shouting is emitted. Any attempt to destroy the bellows will convert the ghosts into an appropriate other creature. (Setting the bellows on fire turns the ghosts into flame demons.)

Billow Branch

This small tubular device resembling an electric cigarette grants the user Advantage on Persuation and/or Intimidation checks when smoking it. (It's a vape.)

Bloody Crossbow

This crossbow has no apparent string, and can be used without bolts. It uses the shooter's own blood. When the user attacks, they roll 1d4 and take that much necrotic damage, and then adds that amount to their attack and damage roll. All damage done by the bloody crossbow is necrotic.

Broom of Flying

An item that resembles a simple broom. Upon using the broom’s command word (owner's choice), it will begin to hover and allow the user to fly when mounted on it. Flying speed: 50ft, up to 400lbs.The user can send to the broom to travel somewhere within 1mile of the owner using the command word and can also call it back, assuming it is still within 1mile of the owner.

Butcher's Knife

Anyone who touches this knife must make a DC30 Wisdom saving throw or be thrown into a killing frenzy that will continue until they kill someone. Anyone who has successfully killed someone or beat the saving throw can handle the knife without concern.

Convenient Rapier

If this weapon is used to attack with advantage, the attacker may make another attack as a bonus action. If that attack hits, a third attack may be made at disadvantage.

Dark Dagger

While it appears to be made of obsidian, this dagger is actually made of antler. After attunement, the Dark Dagger functions as a +1 dagger.

If the user critically succeeds while using this dagger, the target must pass a DC20 Charisma saving throw or suffer the effects of bane for one minute.

If they critically succeed their saving throw, the attacker suffers bane for one hour.

Desperate Shortsword

Shortsword. After an attack, you can choose to sacrifice 2 Strength to make it a critical hit. Sacrificed strength is recovered after a long rest.

Earlybird Rapier

Rapier. +1 to attack and damage if the user has more than half of their total health.

Easy-Smoking Pipe

A wooden pipe which emits an intoxicating smoke. The spell comes from the pipe itself, as anything burnt produces the same smoke. A drunken malaise will overcome the smoker and all those who whiff the smoke. (DC15 Constitution saving throw or develop 1 level of exhaustion.)

Any pipe left near the Easy-Smoking Pipe for more than a day has a 50% chance of disappearing. This usually results in the hero who has the Easy-Smoking Pipe using it anyway, because the consequences of not smoking are worse.


Jenos Anadini possesses the easy-smoking pipe.

Esther's Touch-up Tonic

This is a cosmetic kit that makes you more pretty, for now, but makes your appearance age faster. I do not know how this works, mechanically.

Final Compass

Points to the nearest source of necrotic energy strong enough to kill the player.

Fisher Staff

Made from darkwood, topped with turquoise. Recovered from a temple in the Elflands on the 12th of Rotting, 79pc., by a group of farmers under land chartered to the Reyny household. Transported to the Reyny estate in Gnalens. Location Sawed into short rods and distributed around Gnalens. The Vagrant has one piece.

Flaming, Poisoning, Raging Sword of Doom

A gigantic blade wreathed in flames with a crooked, oozing scorpion's stinger affixed to its point. It deals an extra 20 melee damage.

The Glutton's Fork

Once a day, this fork will allow the user to eat any non-magical item they can fit in their mouth and regain 2d6 hit points. Just tap the the fork on the item and it will turn edible.

Grappling Hook

Once a day, the owner can use this item to make a "hook-shot". This allows them to make a ranged-melee attack throw onto any surface that would allow the user to repel between it.

Grounded Axe

A battleaxe that appears to have several roots growing out of the hilt.. As an action, may be slammed against the ground. All creatures within 15 ft. must pass a DC14 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone. While you are wielding this weapon, as an action you may slam the axe into the ground. You and all creatures adjacent must succeed a DC 14 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.

Gustmaster 5000

A small blue folding fan with painted on clouds. This fan can, once a day, cast the spell Gust of Wind.

Hole Thrower

A plain looking, wooden slingshot with an intricately carved handle. Once a day, this slingshot can throw and create a circular hole on any non-magical, non-living, object or barrier. A d10 roll determines the depth and width of the hole.

Hungry Longsword

Longsword. Range is 10ft. Attacks and damage have +3. Every successful attack, the hungry longsword gains one charge. After a long rest, the user loses 1 maximum HP for every charge.

The Immovable Rod

This rod is a flat iron bar with a small button on one end. When the button is pushed (a move action), the rod does not move from where it is, even if staying in place defies gravity. Thus, the owner can lift or place the rod wherever he wishes, push the button, and let go. Several immovable rods can even make a ladder when used together (although only two are needed). An immovable rod can support up to 8,000 pounds before falling to the ground. If a creature pushes against an immovable rod, it must make a DC 30 Strength check to move the rod up to 10 feet in a single round.

Jar of Bees

A jar of bees...

Magnetic Charge

A fist-sized glass ball with a blue button on top. When the button is pressed, the ball will begin to glow and produce a magnetic field that lasts 2 rounds of combat. The field repels any metal objects within 10ft of the ball. Takes 1 day for enough charge to be built up to allow use again.

Mathias - The Living Grimoire

This clockwork owl has been owned by dozens of different wizards throughout its lifespan and can now recite arcane knowledge on command. All Arcana checks made by the user who owns this item, gains advantage. In addition, the user can use this item to prepare a spell they do not know once per day. This spell still takes up a spell slot of the spell’s level.

Mockingbird Gum

A pack of gum containing 5 pieces [assumption]. Whoever chews a piece of this gum is able to emulate the voice of another person for up to an hour.

Mystery Powder

A bag of refilling magical powder that can be used once a day. When the powder is thrown on a target (friend or foe), the user rolls a d100 and refers to the Wild Surge Table located in the Player's Handbook 5th Edition on page 104, to see what effects occur.

The Nit Picker

Resembles a miniature garden gnome that carries lock picking tools in his hands. When not in use, looks like a 4" inch tall statue. Twice daily, can be placed in front of a locked object to unlock it (functions as the spell Knock). At this point, the statue comes to life in order to pick the lock. After the lock is picked (or if he is unable to open it), reverts back to an inanimate statue. While picking the lock, the Nit Picker critiques any or all members of the party on their recent performance in the campaign. Nothing escapes the critical eye of the Nit Picker, no matter how small the perceived offense.

No-sodium Salt Shaker

This might look like a simple salt shaker, but the contents have been bewitched to turn a bright shade of pink if sprinkled over food or drink that contains poison. Also makes food delicious!

Piece of Birthday Cake

This a piece of cake which manifests itself in a character's inventory when that character's player has a birthday. Upon consumption, the piece of birthday cake (which is whatever flavour the character prefers) gives 3 temporary hit points which expire at the end of the next long rest. The piece of birthday cake can be divided into 3 portions, with each portion giving 1 temporary hit point.

Phone-A-Friend Scrying Bones

Once per day, can be used to ask a yes, no, or maybe question to the fates (DM). There are three bones carved into people with happy faces and sad faces. All happy faces mean yes, all sad faces mean no, anything in between means maybe. The DM can respond or choose not to answer.

Pocket Spa

A medium-sized pop-up tent that is used when in a short rest. The tent allows the party to regain an additional 3 hit points for each Hit Dice and/or any health regenerating item(s) used during the short rest.

Pocket Workshop

From the makers of the Pocket Spa comes the Pocket Workshop. Our top of the line master-craftsman’s woodworking shop is concealed within a battered red toolbox. When opened, the toolbox reveals a descending staircase that leads to a pocket dimension containing the deluxe Craftsman’s workshop. The Workshop is well lit, properly ventilated, and equipped with saws, planes, blades, and dozens of hand tools. Everything you need to make your project a success. The workshop is always stocked with the highest quality wood from across the realms, as well as nutritious snacks and refreshments. The Pocket Workshop can hold up to two people at a time within it's pocket dimension.


Any food this silverware touches turns into fairyfood. There are many copies of this.

Location Currently in use in Lorrestar's estate.


A plain-looking lumberjack axe that allows the user to once a day cut down any tree in one swing.

Renkah's Wineskin

This wineskin keeps beverages within it cool and fresh under any conditions. After a ten-day in a person's possession, the next person to share the wineskin with the owner will fall in love with the owner. The owner will also fall in love with them.

History Recovered by Nell in early 80pc, sold to Barnabus Trent. Given to Renkah on the 16th of Flowers.

Location Carried by Renkah.

Retired Needle

Slowly deteriorates the eyesight of the user. The victim usually must give up sewing before they go completely blind, and will rarely figure out it is the needle causing the damage.

Rusted Can of Cheerwine

A very badly worn can that radiates vital energy. Whoever drinks its contents gains +5 to their max hit points.

Scuttle Buddy

A mechanical beetle that the user can use for spying. It will talk to the user, but won't have anything interesting to say beyond its primary function. The owner can wind it up four times before it breaks. The beetle can easily fit through small places and climb walls. It cannot fly and is very fragile.

Shield of Heroic Memories

This perfectly round silver shield initially has a mirror finish. As a hero takes it into battle it remembers the enemies encountered, gaining a +1 to AC on any subsequent battle with creatures of that type. The events of the battle are intricately engraved onto the shield’s surface (which has a seemingly endless capacity for detail). The bearer of the shield may also attempt to recount past battles (real or imagined) to the shield. Upon a DC 10 charisma check or DC 15 deception check, the shield confers a +1 AC against the creatures described in the tall tales. 3 failed attempts at recounting stories cause the shield to be cleared of all of its memories. The engravings disappear. It reverts to its mirror finish. All bonuses are lost.

Shiny Lantern

A brass lantern that burns oil. As long as it is lit and being carried, the owner enjoys advantage on up to three ability checks and one saving throw per day, at their choosing.

However, if the Shiny Lantern goes out, the owner suffers disadvantage on all ability checks, saving throws, and death saving throws until it is lit.

The owner of the Shiny Lantern is under the effects of suggest and does not believe the lantern is cursed.

Shocking Shortbow

The bow has four charges. Before the user attacks, they may expend one charge to deal 3d6 lightning damage if they hit. (The charge is expended regardless.) The bow regains 1d4+1 charges after a long rest. If the bow has no charges, roll a 1d4. Anything but a 4 and the bow disintegrates.

The Slicer of Tapir-Weir Isles

An item that is, itself, useless, but with a good enough sales pitch, the owner can convince anyone of its value and get them to trade their most valuable possession for it.

Staring Shield

A shrunken face wears a grimace on the front of this black steel shield. The shield grants the wielder +2 AC. As a bonus action, the shield will shriek at an adjacent enemy. The target must pass a DC15 Wisdom saving throw or the next attack against it before the start of the wielder's next turn has advantage. The wielder must rest before the staring shield can shriek again.


A small, indestructible, glass sphere containing a goldfish. The name Steven etched into the glass above a small hatch.

Tankard of Potent Drink

A mug that makes alcoholic beverages in it much more potent. In addition, it can also sober up any inebriated individual when water is drunk from it.

Unlimited Pasta Pass

Can be used at any participating Olive Garden for free unlimited pasta for the owner of the pass and free soft drinks for their guests.

Wand of Switcharoo

Once a day, when pointed at another creature of similar size within 100ft, the target and the holder of the wand will switch places. If the target is unwilling to switch, it must succeed a DC 17 Constitution saving throw to remain in place.

Waxy Wand

Essentially a large candle, this wand has a wick on one end which acts like a normal flame. If tipped, wax will dribble out at a consistent rate. If someone has this wax dripped on them, they will develop Bartleby's Curse.