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The Delvers, Act 1

80pc - ???


12th of Flowers

*Hunnul. At 11am, the airship Hunnul*, chartered by the Cloudbound Trading Company, launches from Helmet's Dent. Due to weather, it does not plan to stop in Tayopopopolous en route. Renkah, Freke, Kindal and Jenos are passengers.

At 4pm, near the end of its route, the airship is attacked by unusually large ravens. It crashes in the Green Delta. (Markers 8, 9, and 10 on the Green Delta map.) During the descent, Renkah, Freke, Kindal and Jenos are teleported into a curved concrete hallway where Jerry the Nothic lives. Jerry requests a book from the party. He also harms them with his vision, and attacks Jenos upon learning they do not have the book he is looking for.

Upon arriving back at the crash site, Jenos, Freke, Renkah, and Kindal discover they are the only survivors. They collect the belongings they can find, and head toward the main road, and the nearest town, the Ackian suburb of Bellybrush.

At 5pm, they arrive at the town.

13th of Flowers

Bellybrush. Kindal used the Red Ward Job Board to recruit Ross Camden to recover some of his belongings from the crash site of the Hunnul's cargo bay. (Marker 10 on the Green Delta map.) They encounter bandits nearby, who are fearful to enter the crash site because of usually large ravens.

Budlock discovers a body with the face ripped off of it in Beggar's Alley. (Marker 6 on the Bellybrush map.)

Barnabus Trent puts a listing on the Red Ward Job Board for help with his shop.

One Route. The One Route spots Ack.

14th of Flowers

Ack. At 11am, the One Route docks. Wayne Helder, Brother Sun, and Ilea leave the ship early and are greated by Elo, a member of the Chandler's Guild pretending to represent the Red Ward. He guides them into a "customs office," where they are greeted by Wybert. Ilea assumes the identity of Atrix Hucklebee, a blacksmith. Wayne is escorted to a different office because he is noble, and locked in. Ilea and Brother Sun are locked into yet another office. Ilea and Brother Sun escape first.

At noon, Ilea starts a fire in the Dock Ward. Ilea and Brother Sun escape by taking the road east out of town toward Bellybrush. (Marker 17 on the Ack map.) Wayne escapes by boarding the One Route.

By 1pm, the Squash Ward has burnt. Wayne disembarks at the Carrot Docks and begins walking toward Bellybrush. (Marker 18 on the Green Delta map.)

By 2pm, the Copper Ward has burnt.

By 3pm, most of the city is rioting. Every market is burnt.

By 4pm, the Red Ward had started offering debt forgiveness for labor to quell the fire.

By 5pm, the fire has begun to be contained.

By 6pm, people begin to speculate the cause of the fire. Most from the surrounding wards suspect it to be due to a sing-sing lab in the Dock Ward. Some guild memebers suspect it was the Cloudbound Trading Company trying to eliminate competitors. Some conspiratorial types suspect it to have been the Red Ward's attempt to burn the rest of the city and rebuild.

By 8pm, the fire was mostly extinguished. The Red Ward has negotiated with the Chandler's Guild to handle the distribution of goods.

In total, 12,000 people lost their lives and 80,000 were displaced. Elo died. Wybert transfered to the Chandler's Guild in Bellybrush.

Bellybrush. At 3pm, Ilea and Brother Sun meet Richie on the road from Ack to Bellybrush.

At 4pm Ilea and Brother Sun arrive in Bellybrush. They visit Opal's Tavern.

At half past 4pm, Jenos & Kindal meet Richie. The first refugees arrive from Ack.

Wayne Helder meets with Ilea and Brother Sun at Opal's Tavern at 5pm. Wayne Helder returns the mysterious putty to Brother Sun.

At 4pm, Jenos & Kindal visit Ye Olde Curio Shop. (Marker 33 on Bellybrush map.) They meet Barnabus Trent. He asks them to guard his shop overnight. Jenos & Kindal agree, and go to the Waterfront Fletcher. (Marker 37 on the Bellybrush map.)

At 5pm, Aldar Honeyfern arrives in Bellybrush and shortly after, lists a job on the Red Ward Job Board to recover items from his research laboratory.

At 6pm they return to Ye Olde Curio Shop. When they arrive, Siggrian Greymane is berating Barnabus Trent about a pair of dice. The argument is actually cover for the imps digging into Trent's basement.

By 7pm, every room in Bellybrush is booked.


Chauntea. At 6pm Ilea, Brother Sun, and Wayne Helder arrive at the Chauntean Monastery southeast of town. (Marker 5 on the Sherwyn, Northwest map.) They kill three occupying bandits, Greg, Breg, and Queg. They take one bandit, Craig, hostage. Ilea excuses herself to explore the property and grounds. While she is exploring the area around the monastery, she sees a badgerdillo and successfully fights a boarqupine. She continues exploring the woods, discovering nothing.

Meanwhile, Wayne notices Chauntea at the bottom of a well, aided by the hallucinogen he adds to his pipe. (Marker 21 on the Chauntean Monastery map.) She cannot sense his presence, but he can hear her repeating, "Hello? Is anyone there? Hello?"

He relays his vision to Brother Sun, who deduces Chauntea's identity, and suggests that they trim the rose bushes, as a form of worship. (Marker 22 on the Chauntean Monastery map.) Before tending to the roses, they bury Greg, whose corpse was in the roses.

From 7pm until 9pm, Brother Sun and Wayne dig a grave and tend to roses. At 9pm, Wayne returns to the well. Chauntea can now hear him, and the two have a conversation. She states that she has not had visitors in a long time, and thanks Wayne for tending to her roses.

At 10pm, Wayne wakes Craig up. Craig, still hallucinating, mistakes Wayne for Greg and Brother Sun for Breg. Wayne says he's going to kill Craig, and then says that was a joke. The conversation continues, while Craig has mood swings.

After a while, Craig realizes Wayne and Brother Sun are not Greg and Breg, and seems to become aware of his possible futures. After some more conversation with Wayne, Craig becomes resigned to the fact he will die.

Wayne and Brother Sun have a moral crisis, and decide to release him. The situation is awkward. After Craig has already begun to walk away from his home, Wayne calls him back. Brother Sun and Wayne explain that Craig can stay in the monastery, as they will be moving on for a few days. Craig becomes upset that they killed his friends for no reason. Brother Sun adds the condition that Craig must be a farmer if he stays at the monastery, to appease Chauntea. Brother Sun specifies that the party will be moving on in a few days anyway, to go "clear" more temples and monasteries. Wayne and Craig look at Brother Sun like he's crazy.

Craig leaves, saying he needs to get some beer and collect himself. Ilea arrives back at the monastery dragging her dead boarqupine while Wayne and Brother Sun are still outside. This is where their story ends.

15th of Flowers

Bellybrush. At 1am, Jenos and Kindal are attacked by imps in Ye Olde Curio Shop. The imps leave when Barnabus Trent enters the room. Everyone goes back to bed.

At 7am, Barnabus suggests to Jenos, Kindal, Renkah and Freke that they explore Lorrestar's Estate. He sugggests they might find books about imps.

At noon, they arrive at Lorrestar's Estate. At 2pm, they dispel magic using the device in the foyer and fight with Jelf, and he appears to die, but this is not verified. At 9pm, Jenos sneezes while reading a spellbook on prestidigitation and ice cubes come out of his hand.

16th of Flowers

Bellybrush. At 10am, Jenos, Kindal, and Renkah encounter a fascist and discover Freke has been killed. (Marker 4 on the Arathel, South map.) They travel back to Bellybrush and arrive at Ye Olde Thrift Shop at 2pm. (Marker 33 on the Bellybrush map.) Barnabus Trent gives Renkah Renkah's wineskin, Jenos the easy-smoking pipe, and Kindal the fancy fur coat.

At 2pm, a small fight breaks out in the Market. (Marker 34 on the Bellybrush map.)

At 3pm, they discover a hole in the basement wall and enter it, and begin exploring the Bellybrush sewers. They find it leads to a room, where they fight and kill a human brigand and two cloaked individuals, whose bodies disappeared upon death. The cloaked individuals were darklings, working for the Cloudbound Trading Company. They barricade themselves in the room and recover from the fight. This is where their story ends.

Meanwhile, the clerks of the Chandler's Guild hear the commotion and pack up their printing press, planning to transport it to Marby. They finish cleaning up before Jenos, Kindal, and Renkah finish resting, and as they escape, block the far side of the secret exit with wax.

At 4pm, the Red Ward clerks arrive and set up two tent encampments. (Marker 55, 56, and 57 on the Bellybrush map.) They establish a small fort in the southern camp and begin distributing water and food. (Marker 58 on the Bellybrush map.) Letters offering debt forgiveness in exchange for labor and goods go out to Bellybrush residents who are in debt to the Red Ward. Barnabus Trent receives such a letter.

At 5pm, a dead body is found behind the Wynd. He is not known by anyone. (Marker 50 on the Bellybrush map.)

At 6pm, Ye Olde Market has a large brawl happen. Peacekeepers paid by the Red Ward settle the scuffle.

At 7pm, Ye Old Market catches on fire. The Red Ward quickly contains it.

17th of Flowers

GAME. Throughout the GAME, the Red Ward sets up refugee camps. (Markers 24-30 on the GAME map.)